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Tyrone Williams and Jean-Christophe Recchia

Today we're excited to share an ongoing, collaborative project titled, "Ordinary Fragments", between French photographer, Jean-Christophe Recchia, and UK photographer, Tyrone Williams. Their work focuses on capturing ordinary urban scenes. They both draw their inspiration from their surroundings, seeking to transform the innocuous to plastic and emotional richness that can be provided daily. Through tight framing, rhythms, colours, graphic patterns, imperfections and accidents of everyday life, these images then become an invitation to discover a transformed perception, a world full of beauty and infinite resources.

Q: How did you guys meet?

A: We met in 2014 via social networks dedicated to pictures (tumblr, flickr...). We both quickly respected each others work, finding that there was a similarity in our photographic approach. We were then quick to propose and talk about starting a project together. We began sending images back and forth, and as we were doing this we began to find connections between them. This brought the idea of creating diptychs. We are constantly trying to think of ideas that can develop our projects, as both our individual work changes this creates an opportunity for different ways to connect our work.

Q: Is it rather difficult to coordinate all of this due to the distance between you both?

A: The distance isn't an obstacle. We operate at our own pace and we exchange a lot through email. We know our work well and know we can count on each other to advance the project; each contributing their ideas so that we can discuss it. We don't put special constraints or pressure.

Q: What are you guys shooting with now a days?

A: I'm shooting with a lumix TZ-T70 and Jean shoots with a Canon EOS 350D

Q: When you're not shooting, what can we find you doing?

A: Tyrone - For me it's really hard for me to switch off from taking photos even at work! I love running every other day, even then spotting images and often stopping to take photos haha.

JC- When i'm not taking pictures, I exercise my profession i'm currently in, that is, to go to the people to install or repair all sorts of things - a kind of handyman. As I move a lot, I spot places for my images on this working time.

Q: What have you been listening to music wise as of late?

A: Tyrone - I've been listening to a lot of Deathgrips recently. Apart from this band, Chrome Sparks and Shlohmo are often played.

JC - Music is very present in my life everyday. I listen to everything but my preference is electronic music. It's difficult to choose a track out of all of them, so here is one that I listen to recently: Soopertrack by Extrawelt.

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