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Yusif Zadeh

Title ︎︎︎ Untitled
I’m a photographer from Baku, Azerbaijan. 

I started my way with commercial photography. But, constant orders more and more distanced me from the photography itself. When I found out that it is not important what, but how you shoot, I began to shoot ordinary things, but in my own way. This approach to my work gave me the opportunity to look for something new every time and show it somehow interestingly to the eye. Basically, the objects for my photographs are the architecture of the city, its inhabitants and everything that happens in it.

I am inspired by the work of other like-minded photographers from all over the world. Through my photos, I take pleasure in showcasing the cool and vibrant mood of my city. As I continue to be an active member of this global community, my journey as a photographer is constantly enriched.

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