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Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw

Title ︎︎︎ Everyone, Everywhere, All At Once
It is often said that photography is about being in the right place at the right time. Beyond that perfect lucky alignment, being a photographer means living life with your eyes wide open.

I travel the world and see so much: from city lights and landscape lines to the colours and curves at every turn. In each glimpse of a new horizon – in every silhouette at numerous windows – I notice details: phones on, books open, work done, rest earned. I see people, navigating their place in the world.

One evening, preparing my first portfolio for the Photographers' Gallery in London, I noticed something else: a pattern. Taken at opposite ends of the earth, many of my photographs had no physical point of connection or commonality. And yet, laid out on the living room carpet, they arranged themselves almost by instinct, as if they were made to be together.

This collection brings together these seemingly unrelated images – taken at different times, in different places – in a whole new story. By capturing the uncaptured and placing them side-by-side I expose the interconnectedness of experience, a connection between oneself and everything else.

The world is around the corner – everyone, everywhere, all at once.

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