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Valentin Fougeray

Title ︎︎︎ Ur/ban/isme
The series is called Ur/ban/isme The authenticity of cities is partly determined by the details of urban furniture. It becomes commonplace to forget that behind these elements are long reflections, professionals who question, study and work to shape city spaces and to modify their functions according to aesthetic, practical, but also economic criteria. All of this being governed by an omnipresent political dimension. These developments govern the public space, coordinate the daily life and mobility of residents, and improve urban traffic. In short, they are sometimes excluding, sometimes accommodating. This ambivalence is reflected in the architectural design of these urban furnitures that my work tends to highlight and questions, blurring the decorative and functional prisms.

This project maintains the confusion between functional purpose and design of these everyday «objects». Contrary to the design offices which seek to melt the installations and the furniture in the heart of the city, this series leads the spectator to reconsider or simply consider these architectural elements architectural elements to which we pay little attention.
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