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Anthony Bockheim

Title ︎︎︎ The Other Side of Plastic
Like many animals, humans desire to create ideal conditions for our lives and to cultivate our food. Nature invariably encroaches. Many of these barriers are transparent and warp our perception. Contemplating the view on the other side is deserving of our attention. I graduated from Brookhaven College and Texas Woman's University with degrees in music. Since then, I have been working as an ESL teacher. Photography has usurped all other art forms in my life and now borders on obsession. The process of careful observation invigorates me. The medium offers a way to visually share my perception of the world and I feel lucky to be working with a camera. I am very interested in nature and its struggle to cohabitate with humanity. Another interest is the simple folly of mankind. We wage war, we build things that rarely last long, and we do not collectively seem to have the fortitude to sacrifice for the good of all. It is my sincere hope that we mature as a species soon. I thank you for your consideration.
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