NOICE is a photography publication and community for photographers that have a meticulous eye for form, beauty, symmetry, novelty, and humour.

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Welcome to NOICE Magazine


NOICE Magazine is celebrated for its careful curation, attention to detail, inclusive community, diverse perspectives, and its commitment to innovation and creativity. It serves as a powerful and inspiring platform for photographers, offering a unique space for discovery and showcasing the richness of contemporary visual culture.

We believe in providing opportunities for photographers at all levels. We offer two submission options to cater to your preferences and needs:

1. Free Submission:
  • Limited to submit one photograph.
  • Featured on our social media networks.

2. Donation/Paid Submission:
  • Submit up to 10 images.
  • Featured on our social media networks.
  • Prime placement on the website front page, exposing your work to new traffic and visitors.
  • Consideration for publication in future print editions of NOICE Magazine.
  • Option to participate in a portfolio review.
  • Priority placement on our waitinglist and a special discount for upcoming NOICE Magazine releases. 

Why Opt for the Paid Submission?
  • Enhanced Exposure: Your work will not only be featured on our social media but also prominently displayed on our website, maximizing visibility and reaching a broader audience.
  • Publication Potential: Increase your chances of being featured in our esteemed print editions. Gain recognition and make your mark in the world of contemporary photography.
  • Portfolio Review: Opt-in for constructive feedback and valuable insights from our experienced team through an exclusive portfolio review, helping you refine and elevate your craft.
  • Priority Access: Stay ahead of the curve by being the first to know about upcoming releases and exclusive opportunities. Benefit from priority access and enjoy a special discount on the latest edition of NOICE Magazine.
  • Support the Community and Non-Profit Organizations: Your donation directly supports our community, enabling us to maintain our commitment to quality curation and providing valuable resources for photographers worldwide. We also dontate 10% of our net profits to non-profit organizations such as Botanical Dimensions, NIVA, Coral Restoration Foundation and The Meleka Foundation.

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Important Note: Submission to NOICE Magazine does not guarantee publication. Our team carefully reviews each submission, and decisions are made at our discretion. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to keep expressing your creativity.