NOICE is a photography publication and community for photographers that have a meticulous eye for form, beauty, symmetry, novelty, and humour.

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How did you find NOICE? What do you think of it?

Song Lu:
The magazine's emphasis on meticulousness is evident in its carefully curated content, which showcases some of the most breathtaking and visually stunning photography from around the world. I appreciate the attention to detail in every aspect of NOICE, from the layout to the typography, which demonstrates a commitment to quality and excellence. Furthermore, the NOICE community is a wonderful resource for photographers seeking inspiration and camaraderie. The magazine's dedication to creating a supportive and inclusive environment is evident in the diversity of perspectives and styles represented in its pages. Overall, I believe that NOICE is an exceptional publication and community that embodies the very best of photography. I commend the team behind this innovative platform for their hard work and dedication, and I look forward to seeing the amazing work that will undoubtedly be showcased in future issues.

Rosie Clements:
I've been following NOICE for years! It is an incredible platform and I frequently visit to learn about new photographers.

Jahsin Pinkston:
I came across NOICE looking for magazines to publish some of my work. You guys had great reviews & content so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try to get my vision out to like minded people by a trusted brand.

Joshua Kinsella:
Through curiosity online; simply being bored of the standard magazines and wanting to find one which is more fitting to my style and inspiration.

Jasmin Bogade:
I was searching for a magazine with a special eye on photography with an individual process of handling submissions. With more interest on the human being and less interest in the industry.

Olena Kryvoruchko:
Found out in recommended on Instagram. And since that it's a powerful resource for inspiration.

Yash Jeebaun:
As I have just started my photography career, NOICE has given me inspiration of what routes of photography to do.

Domenico Matera:
I really, really like NOICE. It is an opportunity for thousands of enthusiasts to meet, and offers the possibility of a wonderful opportunity to get to know the visual language, through an innovative and creative approach.

Domenico Matera:
Amazing magazine. I love spending my free time to see pictures on the website of NOICE. I Find this magazine very organic and substancial content. I hope my work is in line with the magazine.

Matthew J. Bailey:
For a significant amount of time, I have been an avid follower of your Instagram account, deeply engrossed in the captivating world of art and creativity that you curate. Every featured artist and their mesmerizing works have left me in awe, instilling a profound sense of admiration and inspiration. However, despite my unwavering admiration, I have always hesitated to submit my own work, grappling with self-doubt and the fear of rejection. Yet, as I immerse myself in the masterpieces you showcase, a flicker of inspiration ignites within me, urging me to overcome my reservations and share my own artistic vision with the world. I long to join the ranks of the talented artists whose creations grace your feed, contributing to the vibrant community that stimulates conversations, evokes emotions, and celebrates the power of visual storytelling.

Sonni Carpenter:
Google search! I adore NOICE, super inspiring and great visuals.

Zoe Mead:
Friend recommended I submit an application. I think NOICE is a great way representing artists with valuable perspectives.

Jon Hughen:
I heard about it from Caleb Churchill. I really enjoy the format and the diversity of work.

Szymon Jędrzejewski:
Found it via YouTube. I think it is not common to see this kind of platform that focus on the creators and their work. I love the format and aesthetic of NOICE.

Owen Davies:
Found Noice through the Threads app after responding to a post. I really enjoy the curation of photography on the site as it has an unconventional feel that piques my curiosity and resonates a lot with my personal tastes. Also a big fan of the super-minimal site design!

Omri Livne:
After an AA job interview today I was so desperate to show some of my works that I just searched photo submissions 2023 on duckduckgo and I was coming to your submission page. I knew the magazine from before and loved the humorist approach and was so happy to come back and see that there is a submission page. So even if you reject me, I still want to thank you for being here. I am happy to give a humble donation and hope you keep on doing what you're doing so well.

Lisa-Maria Gruber:
A photography colleague told me about your publication.

PVNKDVD 3: I think what NOICE Magazine is doing is absoutely brilliant, you provide a public place for the creators to make voice from their work.

Ximena Diaz: It seems to me an incredible magazine, very complete and above all very interesting, of which I would like to be a part. I found NOICE thanks to the internet since I looked for them because I want to publish my photographs in a magazine.

Anna Milne:
I came across NOICE through my photography teacher. I think that NOICE is different in a good way because there are a wide variety of photos and that is important.

Daniel Dale:
I have followed Noice for a while, the use of humour is what caught my eye originally. The aspect of not taking things too seriously in this world of photography.

Michael Farra:
My friend recommended it a couple of months ago. I love the imagery on the website and also love the design of the actual website. I get frustrated very easily by poor website design and tricky interface so its a very pleasant experience.

Ana Bento:
I came across NOICE while searching through ways to submit your work as a photographer, and I found Noice the perfect magazine for the work that I wanted to publish.

Peyton Block:
I came across NOICE during an in-depth exploration of print publications currently in circulation. The design identity of NOICE stood out to me.

Haris Malekos:
I came across NOICE while browsing photography magazines/publications. I am very impressed by both the quality of the work you publish, and the way you curate it in your physical publications.

Chris Mollon:
The #noicemag hashtag from back in 2015. The golden era of Instagram.

Desiree Kong:
I came across NOICE through the newsletter. I really enjoy the format of the database and the ability to learn about other creatives with similar interest.

Ana Angilau:
The artists and photographers I follow introduced me to NOICE. I am grateful this publication provides a space and voice for the photography community.

Clair Bravo:
I was looking for a cool magazine to submit my work and I found the coolest here!

Gregor Bauernfeind:
I see it on Instagram. I think it is a cool collection of talented people. I like the style, it is mostly unusual/outstanding. Also there are people featured that are not already huge.

José Garrido:
Beautiful attention to details and experience. The craft is palpable.

Tobias Wilden:
Bookmarked it ages ago for inspiration and recently rediscovered it. Love the different themes and viewpoints. Great curation of artists.

Yuquan Liu:
My friend recommended it to me, I love NOICE's style, and it's amazing to find out other artists' amazing work here!

Cole Chilton:
I was searching for photography exhibitions with specific aesthetics, and seeing Alessandra D'Innella's work convinced me to submit. I love NOICE because it is one of the few places I've seen with such intentionality behind its photographers' work. I will be visiting it weekly now.

Tim Daggs:
Just googled photo submissions and noice came up. Love the concept, think it's awesome that you're not charging, pretty incredible way to get your art out to the masses, so thank you!

Quinn Santone:
I came across NOICE via Instagram a few years ago. I've always appreciated this institution's vision and contribution to the world of photographic publishing.

Alessio Pellicoro:
I follow Noice since ever because it is a point of reference for me and for my work.

Martha Brot:
NOICE is a great platform and community for photographers. It gives inspiration and makes aspirations come true.

Lewis Warner:
Awesome as fuck.

Taylor Priede:
I found NOICE through Instagram and what I love about it is shining light on art that isn’t always deemed to be the norm. I love how NOICE shines light on alternative art and photography practises.

Liam Campbell:
I found it while searching for photography magazine submissions in the USA. I am based in Ireland and would ideally like my work to be seen in the U.S.A. I think your magazine is very interesting and I enjoyed looking through the magazine, it is well made & the layout & font used is all the highest standard.

Hanna Morieva:
I found you on Instagram. NOICE Magazine is one of the inspiring places for photographers. It brings me inspiration, new thoughts, and unexpected finds. Thank you!

Megha Mahendra:
I found it online a few years ago and have been following it since. I love the aesthetic and overall theme of the magazine. I feel like it challenges conventionality and since I love abstract, out of the box thinking and non-conformist approach to creative work, it is my cup of tea!

Stelios Miliarakis:
I came across NOICE through social media, specifically through Instagram. I have always been interested in photography and I am always on the lookout for new and exciting photography magazines. When I saw NOICE on my feed, I was immediately drawn to the high-quality and unique content that the magazine featured. I was impressed by the diverse range of photographers and styles that NOICE showcases, and I knew that it would be a great platform for my own photography. I think that NOICE is an excellent magazine for photographers and photography enthusiasts alike, and I am excited to be a part of it.

Ian Lima:
I found out about NOICE through Lucy Lumen's Youtube channel and I really enjoyed this process of submitting my work!

Anton Van Goubergen:
I stumbled upon it through instagram. I think it's a great platform for cool and unusual photography and also a great place for giving unknown photographers some well deserved attention.

Sofia Bergmann:
I used to run a photo magazine (The Game by IMAGO) while an editor at IMAGO photo agency and came across NOICE at some point doing some research!

Francesco Mariani:
I came across your magazine through a Google search and I think it is brilliant and very well curated. The photographic projects are visually beautiful and thoughtful.

Shanu Kumar:
I recently watched a YouTube Video recommending this platform.

Freddie Li:
It is such a cool platform where people are able to share, collaborate and provide a lot of opportunities.

Hana Adams:
My PR rep showed me NOICE. I enjoyed the submission process and the questions were relevant and to the point.

David Herzog:
I started following NOICE on Instagram ages ago and always enjoyed the artists and their work showcased there.

Alessio Aliprandi:
Searching in google for photography magazine. It's a really good culture place.

Andaman Putrakool:
I found you on instagram and I think what you have done is really appreciated. It's like a community for us who loves to create what we saw and try to communicate what we think inside.

Valentina Lucar:
I followed Lawrence Hardy and saw a publication on your instagram account (I fell in love with all of it). Very beautiful photographers and projects being shared through your platform, wish I could be a part of it.

Addy Struthers:
Searching in google for photography magazine. It's a really good culture place.

Mychela Green:
I used google to look for websites that would give me the opportunity to produce/submit my work. I truly love this website; it's intriguing and gives me the opportunity to explain in detail who and what my goals and motives are.

Joseph Anderson:
I came across Noice on google searching up photo submissions, I like the interactive questionnaire definitely on the more unique side when it comes down to photo submissions.

Ben Swift:
I came across it from a fix the photo article. Im glad it exists because the other magazines I were looking at were not my style.

Costa Long:
Phenomenal Magazine, loving the work. It was recommended on YouTube, and as a source of inspiration I will be frequenting it to keep informing my eye of great work.

Kyle Bass:
I saw this website in an article and I think it is a very aesthetically pleasing website and I definitely will be returning.

Alejandra Alexander:
Someone mentioned it, so I looked it up. Loving the work here! And that I don't have to be on social media to access it. TY.

Sandra Ramos Casasampera:
I've been following Noice on Instagram for a long time. I'm so inspired by all the content they post and how they give voice to different artists.

Krystal Jackson:
I think it's very noice. I like the layout, the variety of artists and the overall theme. Its very inviting and interesting.

Michael Miller:
I have been looking for a place to submit my photography. NOICE came up in my search, and it's the first publication that I felt would be a natural fit for the kind of photography I produce. I would be honored to be featured.

Brian Schatteman:
I was referred to it by another website that described avenues for getting your photography published in online magazines. I enjoy the comical theme embraced by NOICE and the authentic voice that comes through its design language.

Daniel Fleitas Garcia:
I found out about it through the For photographers only website and it seems to me to be a place with a lot of criteria that gives people from the world of photography a very interesting opportunity for visibility.

David Bower:
I can't recall how I came across NOICE, but I love the sense of humor. Finding the (accidentally) funny in the everyday is an important part of playful mindfulness (in my opinion).

Nuno Serrão:
Instagram. Love your curation and positioning of the Noice brand/message.

Viktoryia Vinnikava:
One of photographers in my friends circle suggested me to look at Noice. Very versatile and features interesting artists, inspiring.

Evelyn Freja:
I love the images and photographers NOICE features. You are a huge source of inspiration for me. Thank you!!!

Grace Claiborn Barbörudóttir:
I came across it through a friend's Instagram. It inspires me to keep creating images of unconventionally beautiful things.

Selenay Tunca:
I met NOICE through a blog post published in Turkey. I like NOICE because it brings together photographers working from different perspectives and different photography fields with the whole world.

Vireshwar Das:
Love the initiative. Currently can not afford to donate, however, if my career goes ahead good enough for me to be able to afford, I would love to be a recurrent donor to this cause that I share thoughts with.

Max Raulff:
I came across it being tipped off by a friend, and I gotta say that I am sad to have missed the magazine so far. I love it, great content and I really like the style. Also, sorry about choosing "no" on the contribution.- I will make one next time, I promise, it's just that I a bit tight these month because my computer broke and I had to buy a new one because as it turns out, life without a computer is not really possible in this brave new world

Emi O'Connell:
I love all the work you share at NOICE and would love to be featured with you! I came across you on Instagram (apologies as I'm unable to contribute any money right now as I am in the middle of studying an MA in photojournalism) but will make sure to contribute as soon as I am not a student anymore :) Thanks so much, Emi.

Peter Stanziano:
Came across you guys from Pushing Film Livestream. Love the idea of NOICE.

James Arthur:
I can across by looking for an outlet for my images. I love it, especially how simple the process is.

Adisatrya Johari:
Love it. I came across it while reading a photography blog and found NOICE to be unique and captured my interest immediately.

Moez Ezzerelli:
NOICE is one of the first accounts that inspired me to get into this kind of niche photography practice.

Chin-Wei Liang:
Imo, it is really an amazing place for photographers to not just share their own works but also be inspired by others.

Andrey Raychev:
Bookmarked a long time ago. Do not remember how I came across it. Always tempted to get lost in a picture...

Eduardo Ortiz:
A friend of time told me about your website. Really love your selections.

Thank you for finding us ︎