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Sasha Elage

Title ︎︎︎ Murmurations
My name is Sasha Elage. I am a self-taught photographer. I live and work in Nice, France.

"Murmurations" ongoing series started in October 2020 during the lockdown in Nice, France. I was strictly confined to my home and only allowed to go out one hour a day, one kilometer around. During Autumn days, starlings migrate from Northern Europe to warmer places in the south. Luckily for me, they seem to like a public garden near my place where their murmurations can be seen every evening. Photographing them became my unique loophole, and since they flew around sunset time, it was a thrill and challenge to capture them. Teo years later, my relationship with this phenomenon has become stronger for sure, currently, I'm following them to Italy and Northern Europe rather than waiting for them near my place 2020 changed our world in mysterious ways, among them, nature got a bit closer to us. Here, I aim to share how these natural phenomena managed to make my everyday evenings, not only meaningful but filled with purpose.

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