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Sam Gulliver

Title ︎︎︎ Three Rings
Every weekend, people in North-West Michigan flock to arenas like The Winston Speedway, Thunderbird Raceway, and Silverback Off-road Speedway, to witness the raw power of the vehicles, and the skill of the drivers who race them. Many of the people who drive are the son’s, daughter’s, friends, and spouses of the spectators who watch and cheer from the stands.

To visually represent this culture, I’ve utilized an unfiltered 640-watt flash. This flash, much like the roaring engines on the tracks, is difficult to control. Its intensity, often evocative of the flash pans used in early photography, harkens back to a time when gunpowder ignited to create light for the first photographic exposures. The result is a visual style that is energetic, unruly, and imperfect, much like the culture of the dirt tracks themselves.

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