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Roland Icking

Title ︎︎︎ FACadE

- This project is about farms (and the people and animals living there) that have an abstract face in their facade in the German-Dutch border area where I grew up (on the German side).

- In the German-Dutch border region: the district of Borken on the German side and the Achterhoek on the Dutch side.

- 100 photos: 50 photos of farms on the German side, 50 photos of farms on the Dutch side.

- Photomontage: photos are composed of image elements that were photographed at different times, but always from the same point, and then put together on the computer.

- Highlighting an original aspect of regional architecture.

- Document about a disappearing regional architecture, changes in agriculture and about similarities and differences in culture and construction between Germany and the Netherlands using the example of farms in the border region.
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