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Polina Washington

Title ︎︎︎ Solution
The idea of "Solution" series appeared as an attempt to focus on details in a daily life. Usually, we don't pay too much attention to details around us. But "Solution" became for me an excellent practice to focus on something ordinary, something I pass away each day of my life. I learn myself to see the beauty everywhere, extending the borders of my visual habits. While shooting this series, I realize how everything around depends on our perception. As soon as you accept something, admit it's beauty and true meaning, your relation transforms. You don't need to change the world around but you may change how you see it. I wanted to experience an idea that everything around us is beautiful and interesting, full of visual possibilities and each of us has no limits in creating new stories. 

On the other hand, it’s impossible to percept Nature without humanity and all the influence that was exerted on it. United symbiosis of people’s and Nature’s art represents a new sort of Universe architecture - a mirror of our time. I don't try to disclose environment problems in Solution, I just accept this symbiosis as it is - as a result of our life and existence. It teaches me in accepting whatever I meet on my way - for me, it's just the road to a pure harmony. I try to understand it through the image plane.

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