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Pete Hammond

Title ︎︎︎ All Things Bleak and Beautiful 
‘All Things Bleak and Beautiful’ is an on going series that is constantly growing each time that I leave the house and enter into the outside world. I carry a camera with me wherever I go, finding and capturing these moments has become a game that I play on my own. My photographs are predominantly taken in and around London.

In the modern world I feel that everyone is so consumed by appearing to be perfect and presenting the best version of themselves that often certain moments of accidental beauty are missed or neglected. We have started to create false realities and identities to construct and project an online image of ourselves for others that is detached from reality, only showing our good days and never our bad. This series counters that by picking up on the seemingly less desirable moments that inadvertently happen in life. And with the aid of humour my photographs aim to show a new perspective and highlight the forgotten beauty of the real world. 

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