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Pedro Vidal

Title ︎︎︎ A World Withing Reach
The project i'm submitting is called "A World Withing Reach" and it was shot in Cuba during Spring and Summer 2023. “A World Within Reach” brings the perspective of a society capable of showing us a better way to live and coexist.

A few years ago, a French photographer, already at an old age, died, and his death made a huge impact on me. He was walking down a busy street in Paris when he stumbled, fell, and remained there, on the ground, for 10 hours until his death. He died from the intense cold, lying on the ground in a public space for 10 hours, helpless. Murdered by indifference, as a journalist friend sadly noted.

The reproduction of our affections is intricately linked to helplessness. A helpless society breeds hostility and distrust among its individuals, manifested in our attitudes, choices, and political positions. The disposition of affections as a common good reproduces a welcoming society, where a support network is a natural condition of human relations. Unfortunately, this is a rare condition in the world we live in.

Despite contradictions, incessant attacks, and enormous material challenges, Cuba firmly sustains itself in what it tirelessly sought to preserve and build: a profound sense of humanity.

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