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Nikola Olic

Title ︎︎︎ Structure Photography 
Nikola Olic is a photographer living and working in Dallas, Texas, focusing on architectural photography and abstract structural quotes that reimagine their subjects in playful, dimensionless and disorienting ways. His photography has appeared in various galleries, art events, museums, magazines, newspapers and websites around the world, including The Guardian,,, Gizmodo, Dezeen, ArchDaily, Ignant Magazine, as well as the Dallas Museum Of Art, Dallas' MADI Museum, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and many others.

'Structure Photography' explores abstract structural photography and its playful re-imagination of what urban structures might represent, both in a real physical sense and a personal experimental one, drawing us closer to the cities we explore by assigning these structures a purpose and meaning that reflects us, our stories, and our histories.

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