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Michael Zuhorski

Title ︎︎︎ Eyes Make The Horizon
Michael Zuhorski was born in 1992 in Detroit, and raised there in the suburbs. Currently he lives in Marquette, Michigan. In 2015 he graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a BFA in photography. His work has been published internationally and exhibited widely in group shows; having recently had a solo show at Subjectively Objective in Rochester, Michigan. In January 2018 the Lake Superior Art Association Gallery in Marquette, Michigan, will host a solo exhibition of his recent work from around the Northern Great Lakes region. The ways in which his surroundings have affected his identity and conception of self are the center of his photographic practice. This practice serves as a way to communicate the texture of his experience in the world. 

In November 2015 I moved to the south shore of Lake Superior. I did this with the intention of creating a body of photographs as a response to my sustained presence in the Northern Great Lakes – a landscape with which I have a longstanding history and feel a deeply personal sense of place within. This work is the result. The patterns that connect these photographs have formed through dialogue with this landscape. By way of emphasis on the psychological aspects of this dialogue, I aim to convey the qualities of my experience that are most difficult to put to words.
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