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Marty Samis

Title ︎︎︎ Seasons of a Lake
When I began this project, I thought I'd be documenting the seasonal changes that seem to take place in the Yukon over long, drawn-out periods of endless winter and brilliant summer. Ultimately, I found that the landscape I had chosen to document changed, not only seasonally, but by the hour.

I chose to focus on the view from the lake where I lived at the time. There, I realized that the transformations I’d always assumed took place slowly, actually happened in measurable increments I could miss, if I looked away for too long. Ice formed and melted, altering the water from midnight to noon. In a matter of minutes, sudden winds whipped the lake’s glassy, reflective surface into frothing waves. If the sky opened up, or dark storm clouds rolled in to create a change of light, I made my way down the winding path (often running) from my house to the lake, camera in hand.

Over the 20 months I spent on this project, I became more and more aware of the ever-changing light in the North.

I noticed how even subtle changes elicited an entirely different mood from the landscape. I became obsessed with visiting the lake and seeing what it had to show me.
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