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Luís Carvalhal

Title ︎︎︎ Take This Waltz With Your MOuth Shut
I never knew what I wanted to do in life, so I've always experimented and worked on what excites me.

I studied electronic engineering and architecture, in the 90s I did multimedia and web design and in 2002 I “landed” in photography. I studied at the Portuguese Institute of Photography and since then I have been a professional photographer in several areas, teacher, and in 2010 I started my authoring career as part of the collective in which until 2014 I participated in group exhibitions.

From 2015 onwards I started thinking about showing and publishing individual projects and two solo exhibits, and I have been dedicated in the last 4 years particularly to the world of photobooks, and have self published 4 of them so far. I was born and live in Lisbon since 1970.

This project is part of a book I self published in 2021 entitled "Take This Waltz With Your MOuth Shut" and is a diary of my mid life crisis I went through in my late 40s and led me to traveling as much as I could trying to escape from the depressing day to day life I was having. Japan, UK, all over Portugal were the three main escape destinations.
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