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Luana Rigolli

Title ︎︎︎ Linosa
I was born in Piacenza, Italy, in 1983. Now I live in Rome. I studied Civil Engineering, but at the end of it I realized that I would prefer to tell what was around me, rather than to modify it with works of engineering. So I started to photograph stories with a particular focus on historical research and the interaction of man and landscape. 

Linosa is an island just 5.5 square kilometers large, located 160 km from Sicily and 145 km from Tunisia. It can be only reached by sea in 8 hours ferry from the town of Porto Empedocle in Sicily. Alternatively it can be reached from the neighbor island of Lampedusa, with a 2 hours ferry. No doubt it is the “most isolated island of Italy”. I realized that the young people of the island live their community with a continuous sense of split personality: on one hand they want to move away to live a normal life, on the other hand they strongly want to remain there to keep their relations with family, love, life. The school on the island is provided only to children up to 13 years old. Teenagers move to Sicily and come back to their family for Christmas, in a neverending unintentional Erasmus program.

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