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Linus Bergman

Title ︎︎︎ Nordic Paradise
This series of photographs I call "Nordic Paradise", where I try to explore the landscape, architecture and people of the many small towns of Lofoten; one of the most beautiful parts of Scandinavia.

It started as a thought during my first visit on a sunny summer night on a mountain in the south of Lofoten. Is there anyone living here all year around? I wanted to know more about this quite alternative lifestyle (still do). So I embraced it on my own and started to live on the road for weeks in solitude, and came to love it.

Living this far away in paradise has its' ups and downs. When the midnight sun disappears, the tourists do as well. With this the weather starts to change. Heavy rain, blizzard snow and below zero is something this landscape and it’s people experience everyday. 

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