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Lakshan Dharmapriya

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Lakshan Dharmapriya; 21 and currently living in Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve been taking photographs for as long as I can remember. I think I started with Kodak disposable cameras, then I moved on to just using my iPhone 5, after that, I strictly shot 35mm film and currently, I work with a DSLR. I think all these formats have helped develop my style into what it is now.

I feel that I produce my best work whilst exploring new places and recently I’ve been paying more attention to smaller details rather than the wider landscapes. I find it hard to describe to my own photography cause ideally I’d want it to speak for itself but at the moment I definitely have a focus on highlighting colour and composition. Framing things in a way that the eye doesn’t naturally see things can transform something that initially looks uninteresting, into something exciting and inspired.

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