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Kourosh Keynejad

Title ︎︎︎ Above the Ice
Two weeks of sailing around Disko Bay, Greenland in the summer means there is no darkness. The sunsets can last 4-5 hours; you often find yourself in delirious states, dozing in and out of sleep as your vessel approaches newly broken icebergs the size of city blocks, floating out at sea. The sheer magnitude of these icebergs is staggering. Standing hundreds of feet above the water, and thousands of feet across, we truly only see the tip of the iceberg, as ninety percent lies below the waterline. Each day, these enormous icebergs melt, shift shapes, and lip over - continuously keeping you questioning if you had seen that same iceberg in the previous days.

"Above The Ice" shows the viewer a scale that we can barely comprehend from afar. This was truly a surreal experience on the west coast of Greenland - it was astonishing to witness the speed and scale at which we are losing ice each year. It was both humbling to be in the presence of such massive natural wonders, and heartbreaking to know the impact each individual has on climate change and the massive shifts happening as the ice melts. This experience really pushes vou to live more consciously in an effort to create more harmony with the natural world.
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