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Josh Edgoose

Title ︎︎︎ 10 Miles West
10 Miles West by Josh Edgoose is a document of the photographer’s home and surrounding community.

Containing over ten years of photographs of South-West London, 10 Miles West started with images Edgoose captured during his daily commute. Over the subsequent years they became a diary and a growing archive of life in these communities.

Through the use of colour, humour and an empathetic approach to his photography, Josh delves into the intimate stories of the people, the landscapes and the untold narratives that make these lesser-known London boroughs so special, making us join in his connection with his local area.

Each photograph represents more than a serendipitous moment. It’s a reminder of the richness and significance found within our neighbourhoods and the importance of belonging.

10 Miles West is a portrait of Isleworth, Hounslow, Richmond, Brentford and Twickenham and the areas of natural beauty that stretch between them as well as a portrait of the lives of the people that fill them.

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