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Jean-Baptiste Thiriet

Title ︎︎︎ Untitled
I am a freelance photographer and I live in Paris. My practice is situated on the border between travel, documentary, and purely fictional narrative. The series that I develop is a succession of situations and banal, obsolete objects, which are put in the center of the frame, and end up existing in an autonomous way. I made this series in 2021, during a trip to the Canary Islands. She has no name. Instinctively, and by reviewing these images, it is the notion of balance that emerges. Not in terms of harmony, but in opposing forces. It is hot and cold there, the horizon is white and bathes black earth, and the ocean is right there and yet inaccessible. Vegetation gallops cover cars, houses, and people, or completely and suddenly disappear. The massive rocks hollow out at their base and the plants rise up to the sky. And through this total contrast, it is the breaking point that appears. Where the image that is there can disappear at any moment.
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