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Genia Volkov

Title ︎︎︎ Untitled
Genia Volkov seeks to reclaim the term “documentary photography”, narrowed into a one-dimensional relationship with reality, as the extension of self. His work flows from a mixture of questions: are images our life? Are we made into images by our habit of documenting life? Does our routine immersion in them dull our perception of reality, or does it refine it? Confessional and instinctual, although Volkov’s photographs have vivid subject matter, their magnetism streams from the enigmatic eloquence of the narrator’s voice.

Genia Volkov's photography is simultaneously anonymous and biographical. The artist largely channels documentary practice but also works in multiple modes of image-making, ranging from the intimate erotic diaries to the architecturally linear landscape shots and radiant, neon-lit figures. Despite his direct involvement, Volkov maintains the removed gaze of a curios passerby. His images are the keyholes through which viewers peer into a human life with its myriad of complexities. The shots are framed by both the vague notion of mortality and the jubilant energy of being alive. They are philosophical chronicles of the irrepressible passage of time, celebrating its joys and exploring transformations, set against the backdrop of the artist’s travels, brooding energies of political landscape and changing seasons. 

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