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G.B. Smith

Title ︎︎︎ Pathways
Born in the industrial heartland of England, G.B. Smith began his photographic journey almost fifty years ago as a teenager in apprenticeship of traditional film techniques both in the darkroom and with large plate cameras. The simplicity and deliberateness of his images today reflect the mindfulness of this traditional approach, manifested in modern digital technology. Having grown up with extreme color blindness, Smith strips away visual distractions to focus on the structures and patterns as he sees them. His images bring solace to a psyche constantly overwhelmed by the overstimulation of color, and encourage us to look beyond color. Given his industrial heritage, many of his studies gravitate toward decaying man-made structures and their interaction with the regenerative power of nature. A truly global citizen, having lived on multiple continents and worked extensively in six, Smith now resides in Maryland.
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