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Fred Lahache

Title ︎︎︎ One Day at a Time
Time is paradoxical this Spring, a season most of us are spending inside, all over the world. Isolated, but together universally. Aside from posting a couple of funny memes to play down the horror, little free time is left for work, reading, or a little TV. Yet idl days, one leading to the other, week after week, as other countries enter the same situation with either a little delay or slowly start leaving it. I’m not counting the days. They all feel like a single, identical, long one. An invitation to appreciate our connection to reality.

Here is a diary of this endless day, where chronology no longer matters. As a new moon was rising, for everyone. Which surprisingly echoed that chorus from a Radiohead song. In The Numbers, Yorke calls for a change though a beautiful, optimistic call to arms. The clock has already been ticking for us all, but it stops for a moment to allow us one last chance to think about the environmental issues at stake, the importance of public service and healthcare, and the significance of a human connection over goods in a sustainable economy. And it feels like we got the message here pretty clear this time around, which has made this experience both so intimate and so very global at the same time. This made everyone feel a different sense of time.

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