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Francois Ollivier

Title ︎︎︎ Still Lifes’ From The Real Life
I'm a self-taught photographer, born in the south of France. I’ve lived and worked in Montreal since 2011. I wish I had a great story about inheriting my first camera from my grandfather or something like that, but no. I simply bought it in a store.

I trust providence (not the religious definition though) and patience. My approach is based on wandering and accepting the impromptu. I use photography to make simple factual observations or to create a setup that will exist only once (including strangers most of the time or myself). I consider that everything I need is already there, whether it be day or night. The lights, the structures, the lines are ready to be used. My work consists of condensing them, increasing their visability and bringing a new dimension to everyday common things.

I don’t always work with a subject in mind, and this series is exactly that - a non-story. It’s more like observations, everyday life through my eyes. What I see, is what I want you to see. A first person narrative, like if we were there together.

The images were taken in the last 2 years while traveling or just wandering in Montreal, then compiled to become a series. Things and moments that catch my attention, because of their beauty, their weirdness, or it can be the situation.

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