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Francisco Gonzalez Camacho

Title ︎︎︎ Reverting
Francisco Gonzalez Camacho (b. 1990) is a Spanish visual artist based in Helsinki. He is currently studying a Masters' degree in Photography at Aalto University.

Gonzalez Camacho’s multidisciplinary approach ranges from photography, graphic printing methods and handmade artist's books. His practice is a result of intuitive exploration centered around themes such as family, immigration and the connectedness between landscape and self. 

Work part of a visual research through materiality on the commoditization of nature in the context of the tourist industry in Iceland. Developed in Reykjavík with SIM artist-in-residence program.

During my stay, I photographed highly visited natural locations, which I reinterpreted in combination with the creation of my own handmade recycled paper from waste.

This exploration mirrors the transformative process of manifesting something from the void —a form of alchemy of waste— with the delicate equilibrium of our environment, and the perpetual cycle it follows.
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