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Dominik Scharf

Title ︎︎︎ Mesmerizing Glow
Red glow - a mystery. Its origins unknown. Yet it is there, flickering and sparkling like a beacon in a sea of shadows. Sometimes a tiny dot - a pulsating, warm light. It shines in its splendor and shows
things in a different light.

The spectrum of red light comprises electromagnetic waves with wavelengths ranging from approximately 620 to 780 nanometers. Similarly, blue light spans wavelengths from abou 450 to  495 nanometers, complementing the warmth of red with its cool, serene tones.

We are trying to cross the magical threshold of 780nm In the heart of a dense, unexplored forest, a journey begins that extends beyond what the eye can see.

My story, “Mesmerizing Glow,” aims to uniquely capture the hidden beauty of nature through the interplay
of light and color.

The light waves I emit settle and create images that narrate stories of ancient trees and long-forgotten paths At dusk, when the world is bathed in mystical light, secrets are revealed that remain hidden during the day.
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