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Dominic Rickicki

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This series of photos stems from a roughly four day period of a two month road trip that I have been. I work seasonally in the state of Colorado and spend my summers as a rock climbing guide. In between the summer and winter season I typically get two months of free time to drive around the country and climb. When I started this road trip I headed straight to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky for three weeks. Although the climbing was good I felt little inspiration photographically, often I carried my camera to the cliff and hardly shot a photo all day. Feeling the pull to get out of the east coast and make my way back west I left for the four corners area of the country. The desert has always been a place that I find mentally and creatively fulfilling, which led to a revitalization in my inspiration to make photographs again. I shot these photos while traveling alone through New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. To me these photos represent the mental calmness I found when I finally made it back to the southwest. I often associate the east coast with large populations and busyness, so the return to the desert was a welcomed solace from noise, distractions and traffic. The towns here are small and humble, and the landscapes are grand yet relaxing.
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