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Domenico Matera

Title ︎︎︎ Nature as Non-Human, External to Man
Every object, every living being, every animals are actually permeated with very large quantities of energy.

Energy spreads throughout the universe thanks to its radiant nature; every living organism absorbs it from the external environment and continuously radiates it. Hidden Light is a visual story that tries to explain through images the mysterious energy of nature that we constantly receive from the planet, from the plants, from the sun. Trees carry out a real "energy transmutation": that is, they transform unhealthy energies into pure and vibrant energies. These are not only physical energies, but also astral and psychological ones. Thanks to these inexhaustible energy sources that are provided to us daily, we keep ourselves alive and vital. When these sources are missing, we feel depressed and tired.

The luminosity of being therefore resides in nature, which snatches things from hiding only for those who have become accustomed to the light. Failure to educate themselves in the light leads to the belief that shadows are the absolute truth. The condition that immobilizes men in the darkness leads them to identify the infinite manifestation possibility of being with the actually manifest entity: the truth with the shadows. What I want to express throught this project is underline that visual language, does not distort reality through words but enhances the mystery of physis, expressing it through the infinite possibilities of being of nature.

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