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David Herzogn

Title ︎︎︎ Coming Home
Coming Home is an ongoing series of photographs taken by me over the past three years, documenting my move and transition from Switzerland to Canada during Covid-19.

This series of photographs first started coming together during and after my move from Switzerland to Canada back in December of 2019, coincidentally right before the first Covid-19 lockdown. Leaving friends, family, and a life behind for something better and more unknown, I originally had the idea to document this emotional endeavor. It was incredibly hard for me in the beginning to find my footing and establish a network of people in small-town Ontario, which led me to start struggling with my mental health early on. Feeling like I didn't really have a purpose at the time, I thought, starting a photo project and documenting how I was feeling during these difficult times for me would be helpful. I would grab my camera and tripod as soon as the sun had set and would start wandering and photographing the streets of the small towns in my area for hours on end, almost immediately falling in love with how the snow would carry the light of the old blue-collar houses through their windows, onto the streets... After having now been in Canada for nearly three years, I'm beginning to realize that I now feel more at home here than I have ever before and that the project "Coming Home" in the artistic sense, as well as in the physical, is starting to feel complete. – I've come home.

"Coming Home" is the result of me creating an escape from the daily hurdles in these uncertain times, often accompanied by a sense of solitude and melancholy, while trying to translate these feelings into a visual body of work.

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