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Colin Fincoeur

Title ︎︎︎ The Next Days
My first job is a museum lighting designer. I started photography in 2017. Becoming a photographer allowed me to stay in touch with light. It gives me a comforting side, as if I could suddenly control this natural light too. I took a lot of pictures during the few rare and very short walks allowed during the confinement of 2020. With a slight hindsight, all of them my photos had one thing in common; urban spaces emptied of all human presence. Once these photos were placed next to each other, they then took the form of a photographic report. Some sort of potential documentation on the remains of a lost society. I named this series "The Next Days ".

This series takes the form of a photographic account, a potential documentation on the remains of a lost society. The pictures freeze the scenery like a vague memory, one that is simultaneously near and far. The absence of any human presence in the urban landscape pulls us into a world of science fiction. At a time when we often hear about the world before and the world after, this series wants to transport the viewer to one’s own imagination. It invites us to get lost between myth and reality, to question ourselves about the future of our civilization and the fate that awaits it.

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