NOICE is a photography publication and community for photographers that have a meticulous eye for form, beauty, symmetry, novelty, and humour.

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Colin Czerwinski

The pursuit of this body of work is to document the ongoing flux of novel events that I experience. My goal is to share my perception of the world so that others can see the beauty, color and humor.

My journey as a photographer has taken me to places that I could have never imagined - from the basements of house shows, to traveling around the entire United States, Japan and most of Europe. I am incredibly thankful for all of the opportunities that have been given to me from touring with Vasudeva. In the course of all these years traveling, what I have come to understand is a deeper vision of myself and what it is that I do as a photographer; and that is to document people and places in the moment. To not seek compositions, but to allow the curiosity and discovery of myself to see and experience.

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