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Carl Ander

Title ︎︎︎ Times Marches
Every tick-tock of the clock is a reminder of life getting closer to an end. A constant, emotionless memento mori. Some lifespans (stones) outlive us humans. Some are so short that the only way to preserve their existence is by being photographed (waves). Time Marches On is a project consisting of numerous small series within the same. The motifs that may seem randomly selected at first sight is brought together by the subject they depict; the notion of time constantly moving forward.The project unfolded itself in a period where I personally had trouble getting along with the thought of every second being a second closer to an end. I reflected on alternative ways to perceive and measure time. Tools that is not that exact and ruthless as the mechanical clock. I looked for signs of time passing by, both in nature and in daily life, like the growing roots of a houseplant or the mundane eating of a Sunday pizza
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