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Antti Sinitsyn

Title ︎︎︎ "Ambient Portraits"
As a skateboarder in my youth, I spent a lot of time "on the streets" - so to speak. By being totally immersed into this urban world, it began to shape my perception of what constitutes as a normal environment. Mix together post-soviet settings with sketchy landscapes and let me be there to pull the trigger. This particular project is called "Ambient Portraits" which was a solo exhibit at Positiiv gallery in Tallinn, Estonia. These photographs can be viewed as photographic documentation of the suburbs or a philosophical reflection on the connections between people and buildings and the effect of time, seasons and the human factor on the interaction of these connections. These are not grand and modern buildings whose flawless facades and glass-panelled walls reflect the message of success and prosperity. No. These characters are dignified and give off a slightly worn impression where the traces of time and human activity have shaped a unique character on the facades of buildings.
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