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Alessio Pellicoro

Title ︎︎︎ Ducale
On the whole, my research has always focused on the unique purpose of identifying the intimate identity of the things, places, and communities that inhabit them on which my interest and my gaze rest. I have always considered photography as a useful means to penetrate the surface of the world that surrounds me, bringing to light a possible interpretation of it, discovering that it reveals itself in multiple and sometimes unexpected forms, even if filtered by my unconscious. "Ducale" is a project that arises with the intention of examining the documentation and conservation activity that a museum institution carries out within its spaces and towards its cultural heritage. The Ducal Palace of Urbino was the main institution in which I was able to carry out my research: from its photographic and archival department to the restoration department, and then up to the storage rooms where the pieces (not in exposition) are deposited and stored. A systematic analysis of these three organs that are part of a complex apparatus that interact and operate in a synergistic way, trying to grasp the peculiar characteristics and essential functions of each of them.
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