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Alessandra D’Innella

Title ︎︎︎ Life of Flowers
I am an Italian lens based artist living in London. After working in communication in the theatre sector as an art director and graphic designer, I received an MA from Goldsmiths University in Photography. I also have exhibited internationally in several group shows. Central to my work lies an exploration of the creative process, how this is affected by cultural identity, memory and influences in art from different cultures and traditions and how these factors can aesthetically affect and transform our perception.

I am submitting a series of pictures called Life of Flowers which is a project inspired by the idea of impermanence and illusion of reality in Zen philosophy. Using flowers as an ephemeral subject, I painted them with ‘unreal colours’ to give a feeling of abstraction. In these photographs the flowers are captured out of the flow of time, conveying in this way the illusion of a constant present moment and expanded memory of it.

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